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Exploring the operating dynamics of the yoga industry in South Africa


We are passionate yoga professionals and practitioners, dedicated to living the philosophy in every aspect of our lives. We discovered a research study in 2016, sharing intriguing insights about various aspects of the yoga industry in the U.S. Being proud Africans and seeing the rapid growth of yoga around our cities and spaces, and recognising the market opportunity, we became obsessed with having an understanding of the size and value of our industry here. Together with our research partners, African Response, we initiated the pioneering research study at the end of 2019, beginning by engaging with the ordinary South African. We completed our market assessment early this year to understand the state of the industry, where the survey included market sizing, practicing trends and associations to yoga - as an exercise and way of life. Please visit for an overview.

From our preliminary research findings, we have estimated the yoga market to be worth approximately R1.35 billion with only 1.6% of the population actively participating in the practice. If we are able to attract the 1 million+ people who are thinking about starting yoga, we could possibly see a substantial increase in the size and value of the industry to almost R3 billion with 2 million+ participants and practitioners. 

Through the information that you are sharing with us in this survey, you are positively contributing to our industry in getting a keener sense of how to service and build the market for its foreseen growth trajectory and ultimate sustainability.

Delving deeper to understand the complexity of the yoga industry, we recognise that our picture is not complete without hearing your voice, as the yoga teacher, teacher trainer and business owner, directly serving this market. However, in 2020 we could not continue with the research ‘business as usual’-style as the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically flipped the script for everyone, everywhere. It has had a significant impact on many industries, including ours, through social distancing and lockdown measures. This survey also aims to understand the impact in your life and possible opportunities in the wake of the pandemic.

African Response, established in 2003, is a member of the Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA) and a corporate member of the global research organisation ESOMAR. The independently owned insights company regularly investigates different markets to inform development strategies in organisations and economies, through sharing insights that expand an understanding and appreciation of people, markets, industry, and business dynamics. 

All answers will remain confidential and the analysis will be done collectively without reference to any participant specifically. We aim to get feedback from at least 500 industry representatives across South Africa. A summary of the survey findings will be made available on our website.

The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. We appreciate your time, energy and effort.